Avoid Being An Annoying Traveler

Everyone who travels has probably at one time or another experienced the person that appears at some point in the experience and annoys to a point that the experience is diminished. By understanding the source of some of these displeasures, it will be easier to make sure that you yourself do not become one, and the independent escort in LA will be able to rate you higher.

Remain Respectable In The Air

While this tip is more targetted for those who are sharing a cabin in an airplane, it could just as likely be good advice for other shared spaces such as a hotel room or a restaurant table. The main point is that everyone in the vicinity has nowhere else to turn, and so they have to endure. It seems like common sense, but avoiding things like excessive and loud talking or hygiene problems like taking off the pungent sneakers in the air is better for everyone around.

Scheduling Dominance

It’s great to be the type of person that knows where they want to be and is adamant about being there on time and getting things done – if this is necessary for something like a job or a convention. But, sometimes it is ok to just relax a little a let the situation bring about its own innovation if this type of timing is not strictly necessary. The travel companion is likely to be able to get along easier with someone who can sometimes loosen up a little in this regard.

The Uninspired Eater

Of course, there are those who take things a little too far by eating things like live octopus or pig ears depending on the place that they find themselves in, but, on the reverse side, one does not have to pack their own sandwiches every day either. By stretching your palette a little bit during a trip you not only show the others around that you are willing to live a little, but it can be a great way to explore the surroundings in more depth.

By following the tips outlined above it is likely that the travel experience can be accentuated from mundaneness, and if a travel companion is found with similar liberties, then it will likely be an all-around good time.